Management and Leadership Videos

Deliver management and leadership videos through your Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre clients can now provide staff with access to a library of more than 40 helpful people management videos from management trainers, Scott-Bradbury.


The Knowledge Centre can be populated with videos on topics like coaching, setting performance objectives, making change happen, and managing poor performance.


“Equipping managers and leaders with the skills they need is a top priority for many organisations,” said Matthew Borg, Acteon managing partner. “We think the Scott-Bradbury videos give clear, practical help where it’s needed and allow organisations to offer a broad range of supporting resources to managers without a large investment.”


The videos range in length from 3 to 20 minutes and include a growing library of just in time resources called “What to say when…” “They’re a great fit for the Knowledge Centre because many of them are ‘bite-sized resources,” Matthew said. “The Knowledge Centre makes it easy to blend the videos with your own internal policies or guides on topics like handling absenteeism or conducting performance reviews.” If you would like to find out more about the Knowledge Centre and the management videos please contact us at or on +44(0)1223 310233.


The Knowledge Centre is a product of Acteon, the multi-award winning training and communications company based in Cambridge. The Knowledge Centre powers online learning for companies like East Coast, M&Co, Channel 4, Cotswold Outdoor, KPMG, Daiichi Sankyo and many others.