Knowledge Centre

Deliver, track and report across the web.

Knowledge Centre is the powerful e-learning delivery platform that lets you track targeted courses and resources, wherever your users are.

Now with mobile and iPad support, it’s even easier to get your knowledge where it’s needed.

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Easy to use design that puts your learning resources front and centre.


Support for SCORM modules, Office files, PDFs, video, audio and much more.


Access all your content wherever you are, through a browser or app.


Let users share questions and advice, to build a rich social resource.


Poll your users and get instantaneous results, collated across the web.


Powerful search across the whole centre, including module content.


Sensitive content? All you files and user accounts are fully encrypted.


Deliver custom certificates so users can keep a record of their progress.


Share your company contact information, including Active Directory sync.

Log in, view the courses and resources you’ve been assigned, see your progress, and share your knowledge with other users. Then select the module you want to work on and start learning...

Track & Record

Create your own custom groups of learners and subject areas, and assign e-learning modules and resources based on their needs.

Review quiz and survey results in real time.

Keep a complete training record for each user, and log additional professional development through a simple interface.

Technical and Support