Grow an engaging portal

Knowledge Centre and Seminar Portal allow your people to access the latest information, resources and e-learning through a browser or mobile device.

Reach your people wherever, whenever

Get your targeted, time-sensitive training out to your distributed workforce quickly. Assign content directly to specific teams or share it across the whole organisation.

Users can access training and resources anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Your site remembers where they left off last time, keeps records and saves time.

Log & maintain detailed records

The Knowledge Centre automatically keeps a complete training history for each user. Users and administrators can log additional professional development events through a simple interface.

The Knowledge Centre allows you to review quiz and survey results instantly and in real-time. Use your web browser to access score details for quizzes and feedback from your online Seminar surveys.

Need to ensure certain items are read? The Seminar Portal keeps a complete record for each user and log completion of mandatory ‘must read’ items.

Plant all your learning content

Publish your Seminar Author courses, quizzes and surveys, or other SCORM 1.2 e-learning modules in minutes. But don’t stop there. Add supporting resources like PowerPoint™ presentations, documents, spreadsheets, video and podcasts, discussions, Twitter feeds, or links to your Intranet.

Tap into training and support

When you select a Seminar e-learning product, you tap into a team of training professionals and consultants who have been working in computer-based training and e-learning for more than 30 years.
Training can be delivered at your location, in Cambridge, or online.

Knowledge Centre

  • For e-learning delivery, management and tracking
  • Blend resources such as PDFs, PowerPoints, websites and videos with your e-learning modules
  • Blend discussions and other social media like Twitter into your course design
  • Keeps detailed records of completions and scores
  • Record other professional development events
  • Hosted online and fully supported
  • Equip your people with the companion iPad and iPhone app

Seminar Portal

  • Ideal for organising resources into performance- supporting zones, including e-learning modules
  • Organise Office documents, PDFs, links, videos, SCORM modules, and other resources
  • Monitor access and draw simple records on which resources are being used and by whom
  • Hosted online and fully supported
  • Equip your people with the companion iPad app